Friday, 13 February 2015

Book Club: Letters To The Men I Have Loved

This month I'm reading 'Letters to the Men I have Loved'. Now I must confess, this isn't my first time reading this book, it would be my second but I chose it because well, February is the month of love. And I've somehow found myself single yet AGAIN this valentine's lol and the way I connected with this book when I first read it makes me want to revisit the memories again.

It was like Mirtha Michelle took several pages out of my diary and put them together to form a book. Know what I mean? When you can relate so much with a book, poem, song that your soul instantly connects to the art. I was lucky to get an autographed copy for myself and a friend, which makes me feel so special knowing that she personally signed it. Hehe. Anyways, my copy has so many pages underlined, with hearts and asterisk in places I really connected with.

So here's to getting lost in the art again and mentally writing letters to the men I have loved in my own life. The book is available on Amazon and if you're in Nigeria, worry not because Mall for Africa delivers here now. So in Nollywood terms, "grab your copy now". LOL


  1. love!! i msged you but maybe you stopped using your UK number. I hope you are ok. pls text me or email me (do you have my email?) so we can stay in touch :) xxx

    1. Okay babe. I did stop using my UK number but I'll send a message on whatsapp now xx

  2. I absolutely love this book. Mirtha Michelle Castro is an amazing writer, so deep and filled with passion.