Thursday, 28 May 2015

Orphanage Day Out

There's true joy in making others happy so I can't explain the joy I felt by putting a smile on these orphans' faces. I took them to the cinema where we watched  Noah is Gone, amazing movie by the way. I kept cracking up as well as other adults so don't judge me. Then they had a good time on the bouncy castle and dancing in the courtyard of Silverbird Entertainment Centre. It's safe to say it was an awesome Children's Day for them and I found myself on day 29 of my 100 Days of Happiness challenge feeling boundless joy.

Celebrating Awele, Raising Awareness

I attended a Candle Light Vigil service held in honour of Awele, some of you might know, some not so much. YouTube her documentary, it's inspiring. It was an emotional evening that moved so many to tears. 

Hearing all the lovely things said about her made me wonder what I would be remembered for, as should any living soul do. Considering how uncertain life is. 

What she started must not be forgotten, raising awareness for sickle cell. I have loved ones with sickle cell and I can't imagine half the pain they go through. This is an earnest plea to everyone in my generation, please know your genotype. Like Nura, a SCAF advocate said "love is not enough". But honestly you should love your children enough to not put them through that hell. 

June 19th is World Sicke Cell day, tell someone about it, do a blood test, organise an event, tweet about it or Instagram it. Do something to be a part of sickle cell awareness. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Half Baked Idea

I'm in a dilemma. I think I'm a realist, at least that's the one thing Horoscopes drum down my ears lol but I tend to think that I am one. My background also plays a huge role seeing as my family is fluent in cynicism and sarcasm. As a result, I tend to overthink things and overanalyze them before presenting them to my family.

Moving on to the relevance of this post. I have this one friend with an entrepreneurial idea, I mean we are in the entrepreneurship age afterall. The only problem is his idea is halfbaked, with so many loopholes and question marks. I may not be much of an entrepreneur but the realist in me is sceptical about how prepared he is for the journey he is about to embark on.

I don't want to sound too skeptical and come off as the unsupporting friend who bows her head in shame if his idea actually succeeds, at the same time, if it should fail, I don't want to feel guilty knowing I could have stopped him from going down that road. So help me, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has felt this way. At what point do you stop being a realist and start being a friend?

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Day 19: 100 Days of Happiness

Amazing night. My day was bleh, nothing special but of course going to French class took me to a 100 real quick. And after class, I went to a photo expiation hosted by the Institute Français of Nigeria (my school by the way). It was so amazing. Great photography, an amazing location for the gallery and it was all so posh and proper LOL. 

That was a picture my friend took, fell in love instantly. Here are some pictures I took from the gallery. I think the exhibition is on all week so feel free to drop by at No 18 Libreville street, off aminu Kano crescent, Wuse 2

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Day 16: 100 Days of Happiness Challenge

Woke up feeling sick, had an impromptu spa date with Sally and that got me in a better mood. Btw my feet feel so soft from the pedicure I got that I can't stop caressing everyone and everything with it LOL. 

Mood swung later in the afternoon, so I turned my room upside down and cleaned it. Yeah, cleaning and listening to music/singing along definitely puts me in a good mood. Hahah. 

And right now it's raining, so the day turned out great. Phew, the 100 day streak didn't get ruined. The mind is a funny thing, cause I got an unexpected gift in the morning, you would think that would have sustained my happiness high but I still struggled with mood swings. Smh 

Monday, 11 May 2015

Day 15: 100 Days of Happiness

If life was all about fine dining, what reason could one possibly have to be unhappy? I only discovered this restaurant today on a lunch date and fell in love with the ambience. 

It's somewhat a blend of South East Asia and Africa. I love the bamboo interior with the tree plants (not sure that is the appropriate name) and the paintings that were displayed round the restaurant. I loved that it had an unpretentious yet intimate feel. Friendly staff as well, so for me it's a definite recommendation. 

And I had Oreos for dinner so today was five stars happy all through. Haha ❤️  

Day 14: 100 Days of Happiness Challenge

Where do I even start? Today was absolute perfection. I don't remember feeling sad for even one minute. Surrounded by love, family and friends, what could beat this combination? 

I went for a picnic that turned out to be like a Nigerian Version of Coachella. At least for me, so if I don't get to go to Coachella ever, this would do. I saw so many people I hadn't seen in a while, laughed like crazy and loved a lot. 

Plus, I got to tick one thing off my bucket list *naughty grin* heheheh

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Day 13: 100 Days of Happiness Challenge

When you start a day right, it's hard for it to go south. I got baptised today and it's been amazing amazing day so far. Actually it's been an amazing past couple of days. I found myself sticking my head out the window last night screaming "Je suis très contente" while driving. LOL. Thank God I didn't get stopped and checked into a psych ward. But truly, ever since I made the decision to be happy, my mind, body and soul have had no option but to cooperate. 

So how's your journey going so far?