Thursday, 28 May 2015

Celebrating Awele, Raising Awareness

I attended a Candle Light Vigil service held in honour of Awele, some of you might know, some not so much. YouTube her documentary, it's inspiring. It was an emotional evening that moved so many to tears. 

Hearing all the lovely things said about her made me wonder what I would be remembered for, as should any living soul do. Considering how uncertain life is. 

What she started must not be forgotten, raising awareness for sickle cell. I have loved ones with sickle cell and I can't imagine half the pain they go through. This is an earnest plea to everyone in my generation, please know your genotype. Like Nura, a SCAF advocate said "love is not enough". But honestly you should love your children enough to not put them through that hell. 

June 19th is World Sicke Cell day, tell someone about it, do a blood test, organise an event, tweet about it or Instagram it. Do something to be a part of sickle cell awareness. 

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