Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Hello from the other side

These past couple of days, God has been dealing with me about so many things. I'd like to think I had a heart check up and of course not everything found in there made me happy. I've spent time just being quiet in His presence and letting the Holy Spirit do his work. I mean why interrupt after getting myself into a mess after mess, I best let Him do what only He can do best.

Ok so that accounts for just a couple of days, I can't exactly account for why I've been AWOL for four months. I just didn't ever feel the need to come on here to talk not that I haven't needed an outlet, but somehow I just didn't know how to blog anymore. Shame right?

Well, I finished NYSC, congratulations are in order and I am really glad to have gone through another milestone. Now on to the next one, I must say I'm rather glad that the "so what next?" questions haven't been frequent. Although I'm not sure if it's because I'm avoiding contact with the outer world or cause they are just so tired of shoving that question down my throat. My mother however, is convinced that since I'm still young, another degree is in order, first she suggested a Law degree and now it's a PHD. Mother please. Oh today, she sent me a link on the Bank of Industry's graduate entrepreneurship fund for business people as if she doesn't know I inherited my lack of business from her. Tsk. Well here's the link for entrepreneurs who are interested.

I bet you thought this post was going to be an ode to an ex or about the feelings Adele's new song has evoked. Well not tonight. It is an amazing song though but I'm really just saying hello from the other side. It's been way too quiet and I'm breaking the silence on my blog.