Saturday, 19 March 2016

Exploring Abuja Park & Zoo

So you won't believe that I was born and bred in Abuja and I only visited this place for the first time today. Quel dommage! 

To kick off our dates bucket list challenge, we chose 'Go to the Zoo' first and I'm so glad we kicked off with this one. I had an amazing day. I had to wait for him to finish watching Arsenal's match, thank God they won or my date would have been ruined. We made our way there at 4 to avoid the immense heat of the day. Luckily, the sun wasn't even out. It has such a peaceful and serene feel to it, and I can't wait to bring my kids there on time (side eyes my parents). Anyways I'm just going to share my pictures from the day, all taken with my iPhone, my camera is sick right now lol. The highlight of my day was playing on the swings and this little girl asked me to push her on the swing, which made my uterus dance (can't wait to have kids). Not so highlight: having to see a snake! J forced me cause he wanted me to overcome my fear. I almost fainted. The thought of it alone makes me weak....

Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Dates Bucketlist

I thought of this idea randomly yesterday. I've been praying a lot for my relationship with J, and one of the ways I pray over us is for God to show us creative ways to express love to ourselves. Maybe I'll share my prayer strategy with you all someday but not today. Anyhoo, I've shared my frustration that J is very busy and I rarely get to see except the weekends; which aren't always given. We've agreed to a date night a week but so we don't fall into a regular boring pattern, I decided to come up with a dating bucket list for us to tackle every week. It's a balance between my interests and his interests, I hope, that way everyone wins. Should be fun and exciting and keep us from trying to figure out what to do each week. Also because Abuja can be boring, this list would serve as a guide. Anyone interested can tag along in the bucket list challenge and I'm more than happy to receive other ideas to add to this bucket list. Also if you participate, feel free to share your experience, especially if you do something new together. Thank you.

Monday, 14 March 2016

I Am

Source: WeHeartIt

We just concluded our Women conference in church and the theme was "Embracing You', it was an amazing experience. In the programme handout, I came across this poem that I just had to share because it speaks to every woman and is uplifting. It was written by Mrs Elohor Kpirhe

I am a strong woman embedded in a weak vessel
I've been battered, bruised, broken, torn and hurt by the ones I loved
Yet I am strong!
I've been single, married, divorced, remarried and widowed
Still I stand!
I've been a joyful mother of children
I've also known the pain of being barren and childless
Yet I am glorious!
I've been gossiped, mocked at, humiliated, despised, rejected and hated by the ones I cherished
Yet I remain strong!
I've been raped, deceived, jilted and cheated on
Still I sparkle!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Toast to the Woman

A toast the phenomenal women out there, holding it down in the garden they've been planted and blooming come rain or shine. So let's raise a glass to each one of them

A glass to the woman doing the nine to five and running a household. How you do it, we'll never know.

A glass to the woman whose full time job is the home, a selfless sacrifice you've made. You could easily be a career woman, yet you've dedicated your time to your family. We appreciate you for that.

A glass to the woman whose head is unbent and heart undiscouraged, even with the many times she's been told she's not good enough or has had to fight for her worth to be recognised in a world where people forget just how important the woman is.

A glass to the woman out there hustling every day to make ends meet. We appreciate you for not sitting back and relying on "gender roles", so to the Proverbs 31 women out there, the "Olajumokes", the Entrepreneurs and the 'Janes' of all trades, we salute you.

Monday, 7 March 2016

A Thousand Lives Unlived

Fave Quote From The Movie

I watched The Age of Adaline for the very first time last night and I couldn't beat myself up more for having waited this long to do so. I loved it so much, it's probably my new favourite movie! Can you imagine never growing past your 20s? You get to live so many lives in one life time. I suppose it could be fun at first but it gets old when all your loved ones have come and gone and times have changed. Is that really living then? To have to protect your identity and move from place to place to start all over. That must be exhausting. 

I wish I could meet someone who's had such an experience; they would have such a rich yet deprived life. I wonder what I would do mine. First of all, I'm travelling the world baby!!! I would live in a country in each continent and learn different languages and cuisines. What a dream life that would be!

I would try my hands at different careers, I mean I have forever, why waste it in just one place. I suppose I would let my 17 different personalities out of their cage for a while, alternating between each LOL. I would love if my lifetime started from the 1920s, for some reason that's an era I would love to explore. Imagine meeting so many people from history and making history yourself! Seeing the world evolve and having the pleasure of knowing you were there first hand!

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Rollercoaster Ride That Is Relationships

No lies this was me after I had prepared my speech for J, for showing up 2 hours late!!

"Sometimes it's heaven sent. Then we head back to hell..."

You know I don't think anyone has captured the essence of relationships best as John Legend did with that line. Last night for example, as I lay in bed and replayed the day's activities in my head, I couldn't help and laugh at my own self and how I behaved towards J. How is it possible that in just one day I went from being completely smitten with him to getting irritated with him for keeping me waiting (J has a crazy work schedule and I need to work in my patience), to showing him off to my family when he did finally show up and then wanting to slap him as soon as we got out the door (LOL) and then sighing in the evening at his lack of chatting skills (damn negro fell asleep on me, there goes my patience again -_-). The Good Lord gave me a tester with this one. I mean it's just 24 hours, how much emotions can one person feel in just one day? (Believe I omitted some). And I can assure you that come morning, it is a whole new ride again. SIGH!

Relationships truly are an emotional roller coaster, just make sure you're on the ride with the right person or it could be a looooong way down.