A Thousand Lives Unlived

Fave Quote From The Movie

I watched The Age of Adaline for the very first time last night and I couldn't beat myself up more for having waited this long to do so. I loved it so much, it's probably my new favourite movie! Can you imagine never growing past your 20s? You get to live so many lives in one life time. I suppose it could be fun at first but it gets old when all your loved ones have come and gone and times have changed. Is that really living then? To have to protect your identity and move from place to place to start all over. That must be exhausting. 

I wish I could meet someone who's had such an experience; they would have such a rich yet deprived life. I wonder what I would do mine. First of all, I'm travelling the world baby!!! I would live in a country in each continent and learn different languages and cuisines. What a dream life that would be!

I would try my hands at different careers, I mean I have forever, why waste it in just one place. I suppose I would let my 17 different personalities out of their cage for a while, alternating between each LOL. I would love if my lifetime started from the 1920s, for some reason that's an era I would love to explore. Imagine meeting so many people from history and making history yourself! Seeing the world evolve and having the pleasure of knowing you were there first hand!

It all sounds amazing doesn't it? But you and I know that one lifetime in this world is more than enough. So tell me, what would you do if you had forever at your finger tips.


  1. if i had forever i would travel the world! just looking and gazing at every corner

    1. That's a must!! You have to see everything while you have the chance


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