Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Dates Bucketlist

I thought of this idea randomly yesterday. I've been praying a lot for my relationship with J, and one of the ways I pray over us is for God to show us creative ways to express love to ourselves. Maybe I'll share my prayer strategy with you all someday but not today. Anyhoo, I've shared my frustration that J is very busy and I rarely get to see except the weekends; which aren't always given. We've agreed to a date night a week but so we don't fall into a regular boring pattern, I decided to come up with a dating bucket list for us to tackle every week. It's a balance between my interests and his interests, I hope, that way everyone wins. Should be fun and exciting and keep us from trying to figure out what to do each week. Also because Abuja can be boring, this list would serve as a guide. Anyone interested can tag along in the bucket list challenge and I'm more than happy to receive other ideas to add to this bucket list. Also if you participate, feel free to share your experience, especially if you do something new together. Thank you.

  • Go on a tea date
  • Watch a football match together (or any sport of his choosing)
  • Go hiking
  • Attend an arts exhibition together
  • Have a games night with other couples
  • Double date with a close couple friend
  • Go to the gym together
  • Take a road trip 
  • Have a spa date (couple's massage)
  • Do something artistic together
  • Movie night; my choice
  • Movie night; his choice
  • Go water skiing at Jabi Lake
  • Attend a concert together
  • Go on a romantic dressy dinner date
  • Take a cooking/baking class together
  • Go horse riding
  • Watch the sunset together
  • Test drive a car together
  • Volunteer together
  • Miss date night and write a love letter instead
  • Go bowling with another couple and swap S.O
  • Have a movie night at home
  • Have a Q&A night on each other 
  • Have a dessert date night
  • Go to the zoo
  • Have a group date picnic at gurara falls
  • Water gun fight at the park with friends
  • Go on a breakfast date for dinner
  • Crash a wedding -_-
  • Fish at Abacha Barracks
There you go 31 dates that I put together that I hope J and I can do to keep the love alive lol. I might document the ones that I think are interesting and put them up on the blog. Wish us luck xoxo.


  1. Hey love,
    So my boyfriend and I have been doing date night ever since we started dating but we do it a lot differently instead of every weekend we do it every other weekend so we can give eachother room to spend time with friends and family. You talk d about praying for him I lov that, we decided to add fasting twice a month on Sunday's to oube list of things that we do together. Most of the things on your list we have done and I wanted to give you a few more ideas from things on our list that we did
    Attend a painting class together, it's so much fun and it reduces stress.
    Dance class
    The weather in Nigeria is beautiful this time of year for a picnic
    I know you already have road trip on your list but to make it a lot more fun, i Dnt know how long you want your trip to be but if your going to be passing by other states, you can stop by important places in those states and look around before moving on.
    I cnt wait to read about more things that you do.

    1. Ada hunny!!!! Thanks for the ideas! We would definitely try painting under the week for doing something artistic. I fast the beginning of the month too, I think I'll get him on board. I'll definitely let you know when I share my prayer strategy on the blog. I LOVE the road trip idea! Maybe one time we'll have a staycation and do that. We should be going to the zoo tomorrow and I've never been so I'll be blogging about that hopefully.
      Thank you once again love.

  2. Married but I'm totally going to steal all these date ideas! My hope is that we actually find time to check some things off the list what with kids and other commitments. First post I'm reading and I already love your blog! Makes me want to start blogging again! Good one!

    1. Hi Hazel! awww thank you so much, I'm glad you liked the blog post and connected with it. I hope you have all the fun with your husband and children xxx

  3. Nice. Pretty romantic which is adorable. I should try this too..... It would give room to better communication and understanding. We all get too busy a times and we don't see the gap growing.