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We just concluded our Women conference in church and the theme was "Embracing You', it was an amazing experience. In the programme handout, I came across this poem that I just had to share because it speaks to every woman and is uplifting. It was written by Mrs Elohor Kpirhe

I am a strong woman embedded in a weak vessel
I've been battered, bruised, broken, torn and hurt by the ones I loved
Yet I am strong!
I've been single, married, divorced, remarried and widowed
Still I stand!
I've been a joyful mother of children
I've also known the pain of being barren and childless
Yet I am glorious!
I've been gossiped, mocked at, humiliated, despised, rejected and hated by the ones I cherished
Yet I remain strong!
I've been raped, deceived, jilted and cheated on
Still I sparkle!

I've been intimidated, oppressed, denied, deprived and duped
Yet God prospers me!
My body aches
It has become weak from consistent chemo and harsh medical procedures
The doctors say it's a terminal disease
No one gives me hope
Yet I am healed!
I've lost loved ones, relatives and friends so dear
I've lost possessions so precious
I've been depressed and bereaved
Yet I am strong!
I've been envious, jealous and insecure
But I overcame my fears!
I've said words I regretted saying, made negative confessions, nagged, hated, cursed, had fights with loved ones, kept malice and quarrelled
I bore grudges
I've been caught in the web of my sins and shortcomings
I did it all- lesbianism, cultism, adultery, fornication, abortion, masturbation, prostitution,
Pornography, chain-smoking, clubbing, drugs...
Yet I am forgiven!
One day He said to me, I love you just the way you are!
He embraced me, kissed me, washed me, cleansed me and said to me
"Daughter, you are forgiven and restored. Your past is forgotten!"
Now I know I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ
I know who I am-
I am courageous, unstoppable and victorious
I am loved, blessed, gifted and anointed
I am successful, healed, whole and content
I am forgiven and favoured
I am kind, powerful and well esteemed
I know who I am!
I am priceless!
I am a princess of the Most High!
A lioness arising!
I love and embrace me!
I am a strong woman embedded in a weak vessel!
I know who I am!
I am God's Masterpiece!

-Mrs Elohor Kpirhe

Go into the week embracing yourself in your imperfect perfections, unapologetically being yourself and shine!


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