The Rollercoaster Ride That Is Relationships

No lies this was me after I had prepared my speech for J, for showing up 2 hours late!!

"Sometimes it's heaven sent. Then we head back to hell..."

You know I don't think anyone has captured the essence of relationships best as John Legend did with that line. Last night for example, as I lay in bed and replayed the day's activities in my head, I couldn't help and laugh at my own self and how I behaved towards J. How is it possible that in just one day I went from being completely smitten with him to getting irritated with him for keeping me waiting (J has a crazy work schedule and I need to work in my patience), to showing him off to my family when he did finally show up and then wanting to slap him as soon as we got out the door (LOL) and then sighing in the evening at his lack of chatting skills (damn negro fell asleep on me, there goes my patience again -_-). The Good Lord gave me a tester with this one. I mean it's just 24 hours, how much emotions can one person feel in just one day? (Believe I omitted some). And I can assure you that come morning, it is a whole new ride again. SIGH!

Relationships truly are an emotional roller coaster, just make sure you're on the ride with the right person or it could be a looooong way down.


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