Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Ex-Junk in my Trunk

So... Today brings me to the topic of ex ties and how much we are supposed to get rid off. 
I was having an early dinner with J today and he mentions that he needs to clean out his phone because he still has pictures of his ex girlfriend on it. Frankly, I had no reaction to that, partly because I know I still have pictures from past relationships on my laptop especially with Beau (ex). So I let it slide because I refuse to be a hypocrite but I can't shake the thought off; am I supposed to delete all pictures with my ex boyfriend? I know we girls can get quite emotional about our boyfriends still having pictures of their ex on their devices but how many of us have actually cleaned out our closets?

Funny enough this morning I was watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond (RIP Doris Roberts) and Ray got all jealous when he found out that Debra kept some harmless memories from her past relationship and then the dinner thing happened. So here I am wondering just how much is meant to be left in the past? Also who decides what constitutes a "harmless memory"? Do you have to delete every picture with your ex in it? I'm all up for cleaning your social media but your archive, what's the rule on that?

Don't judge me but there are some pictures that I look so damn beautiful in and I can't think of losing them, I said don't judge me. But vanity aside, what do you think? Is there some code of conduct for how to go about these things?


  1. This is a tricky one. Lol. I have loads of pictures of guys from my past. There's little sentiment attached to them, so I don't think it's a problem. However, there are some that have a lot of sentiment attached...I'm not ready to delete those. Lol. But if whoever I'm with is uncomfortable or doesn't like the fact I have those pictures stored somewhere, I'll probably consider getting rid of them. It should be a worthy sacrifice. Orrrr, I'll just hide them somewhere that no one knows 😂

  2. LOL at hiding it where no one knows. That sounds like trouble. Guess I'll have to discuss with him to see if he has a problem with it :(