Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Elusive Love

I know you've read books that describe love as the best and worst thing to happen to a person,
And you've watched movies that made you want to get out there and fall in love with the next person you set eyes on
You've probably been in love yourself, or maybe a version of it
So what happens when you find yourself with someone and you don't feel like you're in love with them

Not because the relationship has progressed and so the red hot fire has turned blue,
but a slow realisation hits you that maybe the euphoric love feeling was never there in the first place
maybe infatuation, maybe lust
but not love
not the way you've read it in books
or the way you've seen it on TV
or the way you know subconsciously it's supposed to be
yet you tell yourself love will grow
but you know deep down, it's never been that way for you
it either was or it wasn't
never grown like a backyard tomato garden

And you find yourself asking questions and getting the same old
"when you know, you know"
but you just don't know
or maybe you do know
that it just isn't it
Are you doing it wrong or is love eluding you?

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Little Things...

I received a gift from one of the blog readers yesterday, which I found so sweet and touching. She once tweeted at me that she followed and loved my blog and little things like that inspire and encourage me, so naturally we became social network friends. On one fateful day, I came across Malanda Jean-Claude's account on twitter @overlyxclusive and fell in love with his tweets and discovered he had written a book, which I tweeted that I would love to read someday. And she replied saying she would get it for me, time passed and I forgot about that interaction, I mean it was December 2015. Then some days ago, she sent me a DM saying she was back in Nigeria and had the book she had promised me some time ago. I was so awestruck and couldn't believe she kept to her word. God bless her heart

Now I have Because of a Woman and I opened it to read and guess what the first page says, 
"Even when your words don't feel like magic to you anymore, keep writing. They are magic to someone else and at some point, they always return for you to feel them again"

Do you know why this struck me? You would have noticed that I haven't been blogging consistently but on Sunday at a wedding. I walked over to meet my friend who was with her friend and when I introduced myself, she went "Bondi Lala? I love your blog". I couldn't help blushing. With those simple words, she made my day and she probably didn't even realise the power of her words (That's another reason we must be careful with the words we speak to people, words carry tremendous power). Those two acts in two simultaneous days have filled my heart with so much love and encouraged me to keep sharing my thoughts on here and writing. I may not be a well known published writer but it means so much to me that there are people out there who connect with my blog posts and I pray that I keep filling you with contents to read and love. Thank you all for the little ways in which you've shown me and my blog love by sharing, tweeting/retweeting links, liking on Facebook, commenting and reaching out to me. I've got deep love for y'all.


Thursday, 4 August 2016

New Year's Resolution? LOL

For some reason I decided to go through my NYR today and boy am I way behind on some of them. I categorised mine into spiritual, financial, career, personal growth, physical and distractions, inspired by The Compound Effect. In every area I've made significant progress, save for physical. That's a big LOL and I didn't even put unrealistic goals oh. This is what I wrote:

3 John 2, 1 Cor. 6:19-20

·      Eat veggies or fruits every day.
·      Practice yoga once a week for an hour.
·      Take a walk twice a week (30 minutes); eventually switch it up to running/jogging around the second quarter of the year (as the compound effect grows).
·      Drink 3 litres of water everyday.
·      30 minutes Abs work out every week."

The only thing I've been consistent with is water! A damn shame I tell you. I'm in a love hate relationship with working out, it's not that I'm trying to lose weight, let me stop the "what are you trying to lose?' question askers (very annoying!). I'm trying to cultivate a healthy lifestyle where I don't pant like a dog after climbing two flights of stairs or drop dead early from all the fat accumulating round my heart because I love my food I tell you. I can't do the diet thing. I try though, once in a while when the spirit moves me, I go to the gym or do some work out at home. But the next five months, I'm going to do better, I need to. Call this my turning 24 in the next 27 days resolution. This is a public cry for a gym partner and probably someone to sponsor me to the gym LOL.

I'm serious, who wants to get fit and remain fit with me? I've found a solution to yoga though, A lady does yoga classes every saturday at the National Park and Zoo in Aso drive that I will try to go for atleast once a month. All hope isn't lost too, I've got J and I on an abs challenge, very simple, we do 25 sit ups everyday but he's more faithful than me. I need help. I'm not the only lost cause out there right?