Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Elusive Love

I know you've read books that describe love as the best and worst thing to happen to a person,
And you've watched movies that made you want to get out there and fall in love with the next person you set eyes on
You've probably been in love yourself, or maybe a version of it
So what happens when you find yourself with someone and you don't feel like you're in love with them

Not because the relationship has progressed and so the red hot fire has turned blue,
but a slow realisation hits you that maybe the euphoric love feeling was never there in the first place
maybe infatuation, maybe lust
but not love
not the way you've read it in books
or the way you've seen it on TV
or the way you know subconsciously it's supposed to be
yet you tell yourself love will grow
but you know deep down, it's never been that way for you
it either was or it wasn't
never grown like a backyard tomato garden

And you find yourself asking questions and getting the same old
"when you know, you know"
but you just don't know
or maybe you do know
that it just isn't it
Are you doing it wrong or is love eluding you?

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