Sunday, 25 September 2016

Conquering New Heights

Quite a literal title considering what I was up to yesterday, I went hiking for the first time ever and it was probably the best experience I've had in my life (or in a long time). The adrenaline rush was insane for me and it was just the right outdoorsy activity I needed to get me out of my funk (don't ask why I was in one, I don't know myself). The highlight for me was seeing a shed snake skin in front of me, now if you know me, you must know about my hatred for snakes and so seeing that, I got so much energy and ran till I almost over took the leaders of the hike. LOL, it's funny now but it wasn't then. I kept praying in my head, my problem wasn't falling or getting injured, my problem was acting out Anaconda: Abuja edition. But my Father in heaven loves me too much, there was no collision with any reptile. However that fear fueled my energy and I made it among the first batch to finish the hike.

I loved being out there, I mean I've always had an idea that I'm a bit adventurous but yesterday sealed it for me. I loved it so much I'm going to make sure I make it for the next one, which is in 2 weeks and probably be a regular. Could be my way of staying fit. Lord knows the gym and I have some sort of unspoken feud. It was serene when we got to the beer truck, even along the trail, you forgot about your problems or the problems of Nigeria. Probably because all that's on your mind is not meeting your death on the mountain. The air was just crisp and fresh, the sun was already going down and it was just you and nature and whatever else was out there (I prefer not to think about it). Then I came across a mini village with huts and I was in awe of their simple living. These are people who don't have to worry about the new iPhone 7 or how to fuel their car, bless their souls.

And then I launched my book club officially today! Whooop. I'm mega excited about that, didn't want to say anything at first but now it's official and it's my baby and I can't wait to see her grow. We had such an amazing time, the first book we read was After They Left by Edify Yakusak, a new author and she did us the honour of coming in to do a book reading and signing. It was great, I'd post a review on the book tomorrow cause I'm exhausted now. Hope you all had an amazing weekend too


Photos from yesterday

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