How's your 2017 Going?

Happy New Year lovely readers! This message is 14 days late, bear with me, adulting makes you forget a lot of things sometimes. I do hope your new year is going great, mine is. I'm pumped about all this year has to offer cause I'm gonna be demanding some pretty big things from the universe. A wise man once said
"you get out of the world what you demand from it"
So watch me demand some grand things and get them, you better key in.  Anyways funny story, the other day I was at the gym getting my sweat on. Yes I gym now, got serious about my fitness from the second week of December and I've got a 3-month gym membership tying my ass to that commitment. So back to the story, here I was this fateful afternoon when work hadn't resumed, going at it on the treadmill. It's just me and about 5/6 other men, I lost count. I'm running and psyching myself in my mind cause I've done 8 minutes straight without stopping (this is progress to me, don't laugh) and then I feel something coming loose on my chest. I look down and lo and behold my sports bra zip has gone down (the zip is in front). I'm like God no in my head, this cannot be happening. Not only am I the only girl in the gym, I'm running on the flipping treadmill! I am bosomly blessed so you can imagine that this is not a good combination! I start pleading with God and the universe like God please, this cannot be how my porn story starts, help me! Bear in mind I still have 7 minutes to go cause I was warming up for 15 minutes before my personal trainer was going to come train with me for my fitness goal. I'm slightly panicking now, how do I stop without drawing attention to myself? Thankfully I was wearing a t-shirt over my sports bra or boy oh boy would this story be different. Anyways I switch from running to power walking with exaggerated arm movements to hide the fact that my sports bra has gone loose and my nunga nungas are having a field time on my chest now.

I gotta tell you those were the longest 7 minutes of my life plus the extra 2 minutes to 'cool down' post run. Plus to get to the changing room, I had to walk past the boys in the weight area, goodness that was another uncomfortable struggle but I got through it *phew* Needless to say, my year was off to a great funny start....

I wish you all an eventful 2017!



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