Compliment or Insult?

In the past three weeks, I've been on the receiving end of what I cannot term a compliment or an insult. Let me mention two;

In church, three weeks ago, after serving in children's church I walked to the store to get a bottle of water. While walking out of the shop, a man stops me and our conversation goes thus

Him: Are you from planet earth?
Me: (already put off from the lame pick up line) what?
Him: Are you from this our planet?
Me: (dryly) Is there anyone who isn't? (bear in mind I'm exhausted from running after three year olds and trying to get them to not kill each other. The parents are saved not the kids)
Him: I mean your beauty is just out of this world (me: rolls eyes internally) that's why I'm asking
Me: (putting on my fakest smile) oh thank you

Stop there, nooooo, he continues to speak
Him: You are very beautiful. It's normal when light skinned women are this beautiful but you rarely see dark skinned women that are this beautiful. You know what I mean?

No! I do not know what you mean you uncultured swine! I just smiled politely and walked away, thanking God all the time for salvation and also the 3 year olds that wore me out. Because I had half the mind to tell him off and not in the nicest way. It just so happened that I saw him the next week in church and he called out my name. I put on my onlooking face and walked past him.

2nd scenario, I had a lengthy conversation with a guy who I met sometime last year at a book launch party, who's been trying to get me out on a date for a year lol. Well he complained that he's been trying to get my attention and I haven't given him face. Guilty. Anyways, one day after work I drove home and saw him in front of my house with my neighbour, who happens to be his friend. It so happened that I was going to be visiting an IDP camp the next day and we talked about it and other things. Next day I wake up to this message:

"There's more to you than I would have guessed... I was actually impressed with our conversation yesterday"

MEANING?!!!!!! What the hell does that mean? That because I'm beautiful, I have no substance?! Or I look like a cupcake cutie? Again I refrained from giving him the response he deserved and said a mere 'thanks'. Am I overreacting at the two scenarios? I think the hell not! First of all, I am sick and tired of men thinking that just because you've got a little more melanin, you can't be beautiful. Heck, I never knew being dark skinned was an issue till I moved back to Nigeria in 2015 and realised that a lot of people didn't look like their throwback pictures. And not because we didn't have high quality camera phones then. It was because society now told us that the dark skin we were born in didn't fit in with its description of beautiful, so women took to bleaching creams. Shame. Nonetheless, I love my dark skin, never had a problem with it so if you do, that is your personal problem. However, if you come round me and try to downplay my beauty because I'm not light skinned, you will catch these hands, salvation or not.

And then men that think you can't be beauty and brains, I will slap you with my two degrees, five diplomas and every other certificate I've acquired and will acquire. It shouldn't surprise you that there is more to me. What did you base that on? My social media? First of all, you don't know me... And if you're going to pass silly comments like that, please know that you have no chance with me. As such, I have mentally shut down on trying-to-get-a-date-with-you-for-1-year guy. Bye Felicia.

This was just a rant that I needed to get out of my head so I can focus on other things.


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