My Painting Experience

I would be lying if I say I've been in a good place emotionally for some time now. It's a mess. Anyways I decided to not let negative emotions get the best of me, so I've decided to dedicate the year 25 to a year of trying new things. Did I mention that I turned 25 in August? Well yes I did. And well, 25 is...... 25

Before I digress, I'm trying to channel my emotions and energy into different experiences. Yesterday I tried my hand at painting and I think it went well. Honestly, I didn't think it was all that but when I put it up on my snapchat and Insta story I got such good responses that I feel so encouraged. I might keep it up, mainly for therapeutic purposes. Yesterday was an emotional rollercoaster typa day but while painting, I didn't for once think about any of the things going wrong in my life. I actually felt at peace. 

I was painting at a friend's house and his friends were around, they would come over from time to time to check what I was doing and pass some comments like, 
"I don't understand, what are you painting"
"oh but it doesn't look anything like the picture"

And it really didn't look like what I was trying to recreate but everything goes in art, no? LOL. However, at the end of it, they liked it and complimented the work and it struck something in me. When painting, no one can really tell what the artist is doing till he's done and then it makes sense. And it's the same with life, which is also a canvass and God, the painter. The process sometimes doesn't make sense and it may sometime look like it's all over the place but when He's done, and you step back, you see that even the blunders you made, he turned into an artwork. That epiphany comforted me, I don't understand the process at the moment and I don't know where I'm heading but if there's anything I know, God only creates masterpieces. Who would have thought that a simple painting session would lead to a sermon in my head? LOL. God really does speak to us. 

I'm definitely going to try painting more cause it's relaxing. However, I'm looking for another experience to go for. Any suggestions? Ps I really do want to learn how to bake or to do a culinary course, cause in my head I want to be a chef (I blame Food Channel). Actually I'm many things in my head, perhaps I should try them all LOL. I always liked the idea of painting and drinking a glass of wine, even though I got the painting part right, I missed out on the wine. Maybe next time. Who's trying to pay for me to go to culinary school? 


  1. Nice! Hope you keep at it, you're good ����
    Same thing I'm focusing on now, learning as many new skills I can or at least reviving old hobbies I dropped. Would love a culinary class as well but now time and money yet so I just use some bloggers/vloggers for now and try any recipe that catches my eye lol.
    Also want to take a pottery class (don't know where this came from lol)
    I pray you get the emotional healing you need ❤️

    1. Awwww thank you Cho cho!! I'm glad this helped you in its own way. I definitely want to try pottery too, it's actually the next thing on my list lol. If you were around, we would go together.
      Amen I pray so too.
      Thank you mama <3


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