A Girl Called Ashley

My fave picture of Ashley and I 

Sometimes life sends you a gift in the form of a person, that you vibe with so well regardless of how long you've known them. That's Ashley for me, one of my best friends. She isn't the oldest friend I have but she's the closest to my heart. I remember the first time we met in Coventry, it was for a mutual friend's 90s party and we hit it off instantly...

Anyways, remember my last post about feeling lonely? So Ash calls me out of the blue to go on a date. Technically she's my boyfriend, even her boyfriend has said so, so it isn't that this was the first date we were going for but it was the timeliness of the date that warmed my heart. Not that I had told her or anyone about how I was feeling, and I can almost assure you that she doesn't read my blog but we went out for dinner at Pow yesterday.

So there we were, two fierce young loveable women (uh huh) being grown ups, discussing grown up topics lol and me being my usual melodramatic self with all the drama going on in my life. Then the bible verse of the day (YouVersion app) pops up on her phone. Guess what it is
"Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ" Galatians 6:2
It just so happen that it was in the middle of pouring my heart out to her that the verse popped up on the screen. Ain't life funny? It just felt like I was being reminded that I was not alone and of course, I had someone to talk to about everything. I think it's important to have that friend that you can pour your heart out to without the fear of vulnerability or being judged. Everyone needs somebody. And it felt good being reminded that I had someone who made the effort to give me a listening ear, just cause she felt I needed to be treated. Also, for someone whose love language is Quality Time, I was happy having my love tank be refilled and not only that, she put her phone aside the whole time to give me her undivided attention (the attention whore in me was definitely having a field time LOL).

Jokes aside, who's your somebody? Are you that somebody to someone? When last did you make time out for a friend from your busy schedule? Love languages aren't only for lovers, fill up your friends' tank too.

Ps. Who loves Pow? Their sushi is amazing, then again they are the only ones with sushi that I know of and tried in Abuja.


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