All That Jazz

I don't go to Hilton (Transcorp) except I have a reason mainly for two reasons;

  1. The perverts and
  2. The perverts
Yes. It is almost impossible to be female and go to Transcorp without some father trying to hit on you and get your number. So except I have a reason to be there, I won't aimlessly go to Transcorp. Yet I found myself there tonight, for a good reason of course. The U.S. Embassy was having a Jazz Concert in collaboration with Play Network which I had been looking forward to cause I hadn't been to a Jazz event in about 4 years.

So there I am, all dressed up and walking from the car to the building when a young lady stops me and asks if we could be best friends for the night (uhm...) cause her friend stood her up and she didn't want to be alone. At this point, the gravels and my heels aren't being quite friendly so I didn't stop to process her request. We hadn't taken two steps past security before we were accosted by this large man offering us a "prize", which he claimed we had to follow him to get. Someone's father, Someone's husband. *Sigh* Unfortunately, I couldn't walk any faster as I didn't want to slip on the tiles and be the next internet sensation on instablog9ja or Linda Ikeji so I played mute and allowed my "best friend" to endure the conversation with him. We had to fake collect his number and promise to text him for him to let us go *intense eye roll*

It wasn't till we got away that I got a good look at my new best friends and realised that I may have befriended a questionable character. This I based on the questionable conversation that followed after we got away from him. *Double sigh* I just needed to get to my table and sit, which we did thankfully after I did my fair rounds of saying hi to familiar faces at the event. I thought I was gonna relax and listen to some soothing jazz but who did I see as I took my seat?

Drum roll

My ex boyfriend......


There's a reason why I don't like to go to Transcorp.


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