Getting Even

I had a funny encounter in Children's Church yesterday when I found myself separating two young boys in a physical fight (I teach class 6&7 btw). When I asked what had happened, one of them said the other had stepped on his shoes, which her in his defence were pretty cool shoes. Anyways when I asked the other why he had reacted that way, he said
"My mummy said I should beat anyone that steps on me"
I was torn between horror and amusement. Of course I corrected him on the godly way to react and made them hug it out but it reminded me so much of a similar encounter between my sister and my aunt. One of our neighbours who was her friend had punched my sister, so she ran home crying and met my aunt who retorted "ehen what happened to your hand?". My sister then went back and punched her too, resulting in neighbour-girl losing a tooth. So much for tough love eh? LMAO

Ps amusing as this all is or not, let's be careful what we teach kids in their formative years. Less we breed mannerless humans with no proper conduct of themselves.



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