Never Say Never

I remember when I got the call that I was going to be posted to Lagos. I had been privileged to get a heads up a day before receiving the official letter. I went silent on my side of the line for a minute as I tried to process the information. After I hung up, my mind went into overdrive

"But my whole life is in Abuja..."
"Chai so I'll enter Lagos struggle" 
"What church would I even go to?"
"Oh my gosh, my children" (i.e. Children's church)
"OMG, Lagos men... Yoruba demon headquarters... I'm never going to get married"
"Oooh I can finally explore Lagos culture"
"Whoooop I get to live alone"
"Wait... how am I going to move my stuff?"
"Ugh, my car... how will I move round Lagos?
"Oooh maybe this is how I get a new car"
You get the point. I was going through the motions for the rest of the day, happy one second sad the next. I was like a broken thermometer, going all over the place. By the time I got to church that evening, the sad thoughts had won the battle and I couldn't even concentrate in church. I was so heavy in my spirit that I couldn't hide my distaste during testimonies. I couldn't even praise and worship properly. Eventually, I got a grip on myself and whispered "God please speak to me".

Instantly Pastor got up on stage and began to encourage us. It was like God had sent her to speak directly to me. I walked into the auditorium sad and downcast but walked out all smiles and encouraged. Don't tell me God doesn't speak, He does. The question is, are you listening?

So here I am, about to embark on a whole new adventure in a new city but I'll tell you the catch, God has a sense of humour. I said I'll never work in civil service, gbadam! God dropped a job in one of the prestigious government agencies in my lap. It was such a smooth process that I know it had to be God. Interestingly I had applied for this one and another one I really wanted at the same time. I actually applied for this grudgingly as I really wanted the other one in an international development agency.

I said I'll never live in Lagos and even if I got a job offer, no matter how much I was offered, I would turn it down. Gbam! God moves me to Lagos.

So now I'm here sitting down and thinking of all the "I'll never..." I've uttered in my life because it seems as though God is having a laugh.

Anyways, people have had various reactions to my move but I realise that it's not what they say that matters but what I say. And trust me, I've heard some of the most discouraging and negative things from people close to me. In fact one of my friends said this to me when I told her where I'd be staying

"Ahhhh that's Yoruba demons' headquarters oh. That's where married men who are committed to cheating keep a flat"
Siggghhhh. I mean I know she was only cautioning me but all it did was plant a seed of fear. It might be true or not but one of the things I walked out of church with that evening was, you will have what you say. So sure, people have had bad experiences in Lagos and I can keep shut and accept their account or I can open my mouth and declare what I want in line with scripture. I choose the latter. Here's to a wonderful Lagos experience. Yoruba demons HQ or not, I can assure you that my love life will not be taking a blow.

Who knows? This may result in a Lagos Diary series on the blog and revive my writing.


PS: I've already moved to Lagos, this post is some days old LOL 


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