Lagos Diary: Update So Far

So.... I've been in Lagos for two months now but I swear it feels like a lifetime!!! I thought this year was going to be about Living My Best Life and it is but sometimes I forget just how hard adulting can get. One minute things are going so fine and the next it's not. Let me recap

  • Living alone is overrated!: I was initially overjoyed about getting my own space, living out my Being Mary Jane alter ego and just being an "adult". But I'll tell you what, sometimes I feel so lonely it sucks. I feel like ever since I moved to Lagos the devil has been working harder in attacking me but that's story for another day. Another reason why living alone is overrated; just last week I fell in the bathroom and bruised my knee badly and then I had the flu all in the same week and I badly just wanted to curl up in foetal position and cry out for my mummy
  • Lagos people don't know how to talk especially the men. I feel like a crash course should be introduced in school on what not to say as an adult because half of the trash people spew out of their mouths here, Lordttttttttt take the wheel. I'm always torn between being the bigger person and giving them the response they need
  • I feel like I need to go get my blood pressure checked. I feel mentally drained all the time and exhausted. Which doesn't make sense because I had this insane schedule in Abuja, like sometimes I don't know how I found time to do half the things I did and somehow I didn't feel as exhausted as I do here in Lagos
  • The restaurants are insane. That one I'd give Lagos over Abuja anytime. You can't compare the social life here in Lagos to that in Abuja. Frankly, I think they've been cheating us back home. SMH. Also, I think my bank card is about to break up with me since I'm clearly not respecting it anymore. Lagos is way more expensive than Abuja, do not be deceived. In fact the next time I'm home, I won't price anything or complain!
  • On that note, don't ask me about my fitness journey because it will appear that my waistline and this city are in some sort of feud! SMH
  • Living alone makes you soul search especially when you have a lot of free time on your hands. I got myself into a situationship with someone that I really like, post for another time. And despite the fact that I know that I deserve better, I find myself coming back to this same person because I need companionship and he's available. I know you're going to ask me about my friends but sometimes I feel like I don't have anyone because they all have different priorities now; married, mothers or engaged. Yup.
  • Now that I drive in Lagos, don't tell me there isn't any challenge I can't overcome. It's like the hunger games in these streets. TSK
  • Coffee is my new best friend. Pre-Lagos, I just liked the smell of coffee from always making it for my dad while growing up, now it's like where was this precious gem the last 25 years of my life?!
  • Why are Lagosians so darn angry and hostile?? Who hurt you? Ugh!
  • Is it just me or is making new friends as an adult more difficult??!
  • Lastly, who broke the moral compass of Lagos? Seriously, let's talk. Why is cheating and sugar daddyism so normal and acceptable these days? What is still sacred in this city?????


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