Broken Moral Compass?

Today at lunch time, I went to one of the empty meeting rooms on my floor to cool down as my attempt of walking away from a colleague that had just annoyed me. Unfortunately when I got to the room, it wasn't empty but had another male colleague in, who was on a call but motioned for me to join him nonetheless. I accepted his offer and sat on the other side playing a game on my phone. When he was done, we got into a conversation and talked on so many things where we kept clashing on opinions.

In the course of discussing relationships, he said any woman over 40 who was unmarried was that way because of her attitude. Strike one. I quickly objected stating that there were various reasons why a woman could be a certain age and unmarried e.g. God's timing, not her desire, high standards, men intimidated by her etc. To emphasize his point, he told me he had recently met a 31-year old virgin and when he shared that with one of the Deputy Directors in my office, he was advised to run away. Reason? She could only still be a virgin because men avoided her cause of her attitude. Ah Funkeeeeeeee!!!!! Today was the day I knew I could keep my temper under control LOL. My chest was hurting me.

Are you telling me we are so far gone as a society that values mean nothing? That instead of attributing this woman's choice to staying a virgin in the 21st century to perhaps godliness and purity, we instead blame her attitude?! And forgohsake can a woman be unmarried at a certain age and still live? Is this the standard we are subconsciously letting seep into society so that women find themselves getting married or losing their virginity at a certain age so they would be accepted by society and not blamed for having an attitude problem? Wonderful.

Interestingly, just the other day I saw a comment by Diaryofanaijagirl that she had never heard of marital status being used as an insult against a man. Which is so true! I can bet my June salary that if the roles were reversed, no one would say that a 31 year old man who is still a virgin is because of his attitude or that a 40 year old man was unmarried for the very same reason. Although I can make a case for the second scenario, LOL, just kidding. But on a serious note, where can we reset our society to factory settings please?


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