The Love of Your Life vs The Love For Your Life

Some days ago I saw a tweet in relation to Justin Bieber's engagement to Hailey, which said
"There is the love of your life and love for your life, the love of your life will be your weak point for a long time, but it won't work, while the love for your life is the one that works in a complete way. There's the one that's right and the one you want to be right."
and I thought, ok this could be true, retweeted and moved on. However two days later, the truth in this hit me hard. I have an older friend who has been in love with his ex for a decade, things didn't work out and he married another girl but still holds a candle for her in his heart. He tells me this almost every time we see and I often feel bad for the three of them and their unfortunate triangle. Yesterday, I attended a BBQ in his house and observed him with his wife and how easy their relationship seemed to be and then I thought of his ex, whom he still loved and everything fell in place. His ex was the love of his life and really his weak point and as great as their love was, it just didn't work out. And here was his wife, who had been his best friend at some point now assuming the position of "love for his life".

I couldn't help but wonder if this is the case for everyone, is there always the love of your life and the love for your life? And if so, have I had the love of my life already? OMG, wait will that be the current situationship I've been trying to move on from?? Dear God, NO!

Do you agree with the tweet?


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